Leffingwell Enterprises Cutting Boards & More

What Makes These Boards Special? The Blend of Woods

cutting boards

No two boards are exactly alike whether they are made of two different woods or just one. Mother Nature doesn't make exact duplicates and the woods vary. Boards are medium to large size, with or without handles, and the design is usually dictated by the wood.

Unique Slab Tables

Nakishima style table

Sometimes a beautiful slab comes along that is perfect to make a table - thus the Nakashima style table here. Other slabs are made into coffee tables, end tables or benches. No beautiful piece of wood is ever wasted.

From Appalachian Woods Come Practical Items

boxes of cutting boards

The cutting boards are available at craft shows, a Farmers' Market and a couple shops. If you are interested in purchasing, please check the "Store" link for availability or call (304) 300-7475.